Roseanne Barr will not take responsibility for the actions, thoughts, and tweet that cost her an axed television show earlier this year. The disgraced comedian is still talking about the “reasons” she tweeted a racist sentiment about former senior advisor to Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and according to a new video posted to her YouTube channel, Barr says she thought Jarrett was a white woman.

“I’m trying to talk about Iran! I’m trying to talk about Valerie Jarrett about the Iran deal,” a disheveled Barr yells at the camera in the recently-released video between drags of a cigarette. Someone off camera is asking her questions about the President. “That’s what my tweet was about. I thought the b**ch was white, g*ddammit! I thought the b**ch was white! F**k!”

In the initial career-derailing tweet, Barr wrote that Jarrett looked like a cross between Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes. After attempting to apologize for the tweet, the damage was already done, and the ABC revival of her ‘90s sitcom Roseanne was canceled indefinitely. Plans for a spinoff have been announced, and of course, Roseanne was not invited to be a part of it.

She’s also tried to blame the tweet on the sleeping medication Ambien, and also tried to say that the Planet Of The Apes reference was more anti-Semitic than racist (which makes even less sense, because Barr herself is a Jewish woman).

TMZ reports that this rant may have been part of a larger talk show, exclusive to Barr's YouTube channel.

"Barr's been holed up in her son Jake Pentland's Full Moon & High Tide studio all week shooting interviews with friends and family members," reports say. Her son said that some of the guests are slated to be Barr's boyfriend, her former campaign manager and a former crew member from the show Roseanne. "[Barr's son] says the plan is to release the content on Roseanne's YouTube channel without any big networks getting involved."

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