After 19 years in the game, Shaquille O'Neal didn't let his departure from the NBA slow his hustle. Since retiring in 2011, Shaq has built an extensive resume for himself, with "retired ballplayer" acting only as his start-up gig.

Currently, Shaq is a sports analyst on TNT's "Inside The NBA," DJ and business owner. His latest business venture looks to add to the list, as he combines his inner businessman and TV personality to deliver Big Chicken Shaq, a reality show narrating the launch of his new Las Vegas restaurant.

Big Chicken Shaq will be an eight-episode miniseries set to air exclusively on Facebook Watch. The reality show will chronicle Shaq's decision-making process in launching the Big Chicken restaurant while simultaneously acting as a collaborative effort between the former NBA star and fans.

"[Viewers will be able to tell me] what kind of dishes they like, decor, probably ask about designs," O'Neal told Bleacher Report on Wednesday (July 25). "We're going to make it like a big contest. We'll be flying people in, inviting people to taste tests, stuff like that...I want [fans] to see that this is what we built together."

From winning all those championships and running all those teams, I always said to myself, You can never win by yourself. You definitely have to utilize your teammates. You can never micro-manage your team. My leadership style is always to hire people smarter than me.

Big Chicken Shaq is set to premiere sometime this fall, with the Big Chicken restaurant opening its doors shortly after. The restaurant will be located on Paradise Road, across from the Hard Rock hotel-casino.

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