Chicago's own Taylor Bennett has just reached another milestone in his steadily blossoming career. Earlier this year, the rapper and TBE frontrunner released his EP, Be Yourself, as well as the Bonnie & Clyde-themed official video for "Rock 'N' Roll."

To take it a step further, Bennett used this same song to make his late night television debut. Last night (July 30), he and his band graced the stage at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and delivered an energetic performance. By the end of his set, he was visibly grateful and humbled by the next step up on his path to stardom.

Ever since the arrival of Be Yourself, Bennett's credo is to make it to the top of his dreams step-by-step, all while doing it on his own terms. “Everywhere I walk in New York, there’s a big a** photo of me; it’s crazy," he told VIBE in an interview earlier this year. "But then you also have to just remember the message and remember why you’re doing this.”

Watch the full "Rock 'N' Roll" performance and stream Be Yourself below.

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