The release of Teyana Taylor's Keep That Same Energy was rockier than we'd hoped. Clearance and sampling issues (among other factors) prevented the singer from dropping particular versions of tracks, like an interlude from Ms. Lauryn Hill. Fans no longer have to wait now that the song "We Got Love" has surfaced.

Complex reports the track appeared online Tuesday (July 10) with a message Ms. Hill sent to Teyana. Just last month, the singer shared on social media that Ms. Hill would be apart of the album in the form of an interlude. While "We Got Love" (sans Ms. Hill's note) was played at the KTSE released party in Los Angeles, the track did not make the final version of the album.

The celebratory jam has the Harlem creative releasing gems about self-love, her family and with a message on staying above clout by staying true to love and your passions. Ms. Hill’s note closes the gentle track with affirmations about staying true to your purpose.

“A lot of people define success differently,” Hill says. “You know, for me, you can have everything. You can have all the money in the world, but if it’s not enjoyable, if it’s not sustainable, if you can’t be a person of integrity while having all of these things, what does it matter? What does it mean? Your value is internal.”

Teyana backtracked on promises to release an updated version of the album but with the release of "We Got Love," we might get KTSE part two after all. Listen to "We Got Love" here.

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