After Vic Mensa discussed Tekashi 6ix9ine during a recent appearance on L.A.'s Real 92.3 radio station, the confrontational Brooklynite had a few choice comments for the Chicagoan and his mother on Instagram.

In comments made on DJ Akademiks' Instagram page, Tekashi wrote that Mensa can "sukk [his] d**k with his mother's lips." While Mensa shared the comment via screengrab, he also had some words for the "Fefe" musician in a video.

"If you wanna talk about suck my d**k and all that, fight me then," Mensa said in the video. "See me and these f**king hands. No security. We seen you drive around Chicago with eight police. Shoot the one on one. See what happens to you, boy. I’ll turn your motherf**king face the color of your hair. So put up or shut up like your b**ch a** homie.”

Why the back-and-forth? In the Real 92.3 interview, Mensa commented that he believes Tekashi got his style from Chicago rappers, and he needs to acknowledge it and also respect the Illinois city.

"That sh** was goofy though. That sh** was lame,” he said. “Ni**as got their style from Chicago. Look up the f**king facts. The receipts exist online. There’s whole Vine videos of every line that Tekashi 6ix9ine bit from Chicago rappers. To come to Chicago, disrespecting the whole city like that because he got a beef with one person from the city, I felt that that was very goofy.”

“All I said was he got his style from Chicago rappers, something he has admitted, and that he needs to show our city its respect,” he continued in the recent video.

In the Instagram caption of his post about 6ix9ine, Mensa also said it's "on sight" when he sees DJ Akademiks.