Wale hinted at dropping a new video music video last week and yesterday. Well, today (July 31), brand new music visuals for "Black Bonnie" have been revealed to the world.

In the stunning visuals, directed by Yasha Gruben, the D.C. MC can be seen admiring his queen as they sit on their thrones somewhere in Africa. Later, Wale is dressed as a black revolutionary with his politics-minded wife by his side, before Wale and his better half dress in '90s garb before concluding in the 2000s.

The song, featuring singer Jacquees, comes from Wale's EP, It's Complicated, which was released earlier this year. 

The 33-year-old recently told Billboard he's been in the studio every day as of late and is in "a very creative space." He also shared how he's looking to move into the Hollywood space. “I’m always working... Right now I’m trying to get into film and there have been some walls in front of me that I wasn’t expecting, that I probably wouldn’t have had to go through five or ten years ago.

“It’s a difficult industry. It’s also small. There’s regular Hollywood and there’s black Hollywood and trying to find your way is tough."

In other  Wale news, after parting ways with Atlantic Records, the rapper inked a deal with Warner Bros. Records. In a press release, Tom Corson, co-chairman of Warner Bros. said, “I am delighted that Wale has joined Warner Bros. Records. He is a pillar in the hip-hop community and beyond; with his cultural relevance and lyrical prose, he continues to elevate the game. Wale is truly a force to be reckoned with and we look forward to a successful partnership for years to come.”

Watch the new music video above.

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