It appears that the next cultural art white women are infiltrating is the art of slicking down baby hairs, and Wendy Williams is having none of it.

During a recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, a white female hairstylist wanted to show the New Jersey-bred host and her spirited audience about a "little trick" that involves edging gel and a toothbrush to get those supple baby hairs laid just right.

"One little trick I’d love to show you guys," the hairstylist smiled. She then took a toothbrush and started to brush the black hair model's baby hairs back. The woman says that she has a wide array of toothbrushes because her husband is a dentist.

Williams audibly sighs, as she and many others have seen and used this new "trick" countless times before.

"We know about the baby hairs, get 'em on down," said Williams before the crowd cheers. Williams also attempts to show the woman how to really give the baby hairs flair by telling her not to comb the baby hairs back, but down and around. She takes a toothbrush and shows her how it's really done.

Where was Wendy for all those other examples of "new tricks" with hair, makeup, and fashion? The hero we didn't expect was the hero we needed all along.

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