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A white woman in Long Beach, Calif. called 911 on a black man after claiming that she felt “threatened” after confronting him as he sat quietly in his car waiting for his yoga class to start.

Ezekiel Phillips had finished dropping a friend off when he decided to pull over in the residential neighborhood near the yoga studio. As he waited, a woman approached his car and said, “You’re not supposed to be here, this is a good neighborhood,” Phillips recently told L.A.’s Fox 11  news.

Phillips said that he initially reacted by rolling up his car window, until the woman pulled out her cell phone. He took his phone out as well and began recording the woman before getting out of his car and following her as she walked away up the block to a neighbor’s house while frantically calling 911.

“He won’t leave me alone! Get away from me!” the woman can be heard screaming in the 911 recording. The woman also lied to the operator and said that Phillips “attacked” another person.

The unidentified woman declined to come outside of her home when the news outlet attempted to get her side of the story, but another neighbor did speak out, calling her actions "racist" and "Trumpish."

"We all don't feel that way," the neighbor said, noting that police would not have been called if Phillips were a white man.

Long Beach police did not file an incident report, as no crime was committed. The department said that it encourages residents to call police if they see someone “suspicious.”

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