About six or seven men from a white supremacist group are facing assault charges after they allegedly beat a black man outside of a bar in Pennsylvania.

“They’re definitely going to be charged with simple assault, ethnic intimidation, conspiracy for simple assault, and a conspiracy for ethnic intimidation,” Avalon Police Chief Tom Kokoski told a local news outlet.

According to KDKA Paul Morris was delivering a thank you card to the owner of The Jackman Inn for catering his son's graduation party. A few members from Keystone United reportedly hurled racial slurs at Morris as he left the bar and one pushed him, which made his glasses fall off. As Morris went to retrieve his glasses, he was attacked by the group of men.

"I said, 'Who are you?' " Morris said about the incident, "and he said, 'We are here to eradicate the earth of [racial slur], one-by-one.' "

Keystone United was founded in 2001 and reportedly travels in droves to Donald Trump rallies. One of the group's co-founders, GOP committee member, Steve Smith served 60 days in prison in 2003 for attacking a black man in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Smith and two other men reportedly used rocks and pieces of pavement during the attack.

After Smith's release, he remained close to the supremacist group, but entered politics in 2012 and won a GOP committee seat after running uncontested in 2016.

Morris didn't sustain any life-threatening injuries but said he's still rattled by the encounter.

“They attacked me because they had hate in their hearts. I didn’t do anything to these people personally. I was just back there talking to my friend,” he said.

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