A black woman who was manhandled by officers and thrown to the ground at an Alabama Waffle House in April has been found guilty of disorderly conduct.

The disturbing encounter was recorded and quickly went viral as Chikesia Clemons repeatedly asked three white Sutherland officers why she was being arrested. At one point, an officer placed his hands on her neck, which led to her dress falling and exposing her breast.

Judge Mark Irwin ruled Clemons met the legal standard of disorderly conduct, and is now ordered to pay $400 in fines and $200 in court fees. Clemons took to Twitter after the ruling expressing her disappointment.

Clemons was reportedly sentenced to 10 days in prison, but was instead ordered to serve one year of informal probation. The arrest took place almost 24 hours after James Shaw Jr wrestled a white supremacist who killed four people outside of a Tennessee Waffle House with an AR-15 assault rifle.

Many called for a boycott of the popular Southern breakfast chain after Clemons' arrest. A petition, which earned about 50,000 signatures also called for the charges against Clemons by Saraland police to be dropped.

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