Despite Donald Trump's well wishes to the family of his late "friend" Aretha Franklin, who reportedly "worked for [him]" on "numerous occasions," the legendary musician didn't seem to have the same level of admiration for him.

According to The Daily Beast, Ms. Franklin was not a fan of Trump, and not only did she bash him behind closed doors, she also turned down the invitation to perform at his inauguration in 2017.

The site reads that Trump wanted Franklin to perform in order to unite the country after a "brutal, bruising presidential election."

Though she largely refrained from publicly criticizing Trump during or after the 2016 campaign, two individuals with direct knowledge of her political opinions said she was repelled by the Republican standard-bearer, his policy prescriptions, and his rhetoric," TDB reads. "One source close to Franklin told The Daily Beast that after the election, she confided to associates that 'no amount of money' could convince her to perform at the inauguration."

Instead, Franklin was more interested in what Hillary Clinton was promoting. She attended the 2016 Democratic National Convention, and she was interested in the possibility of witnessing the U.S.'s first female President.

"She’d performed at the 1992 Convention that nominated Bill Clinton and at both of his inaugurals," the site continues. "However, Ms. Franklin indicated that she simply wanted to enjoy the historic moment of Secretary Clinton’s nomination, particularly given her close and long-standing relationship with the Clintons.”

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