The Carters are on a nationwide tour of domination and their prowess is being rewarded in a major way. According to The State, Beyonce and JAY-Z received the key to Columbia, South Carolina when their tour pulled into the Williams-Brice Stadium on Tuesday (Aug. 21).

The honor was presented by Columbia's Mayor Steve Benjamin who wanted to celebrate the couple for their philanthropy and game-changing moves. "It was wonderful to have a chance to recognize the humanitarian & cultural contributions of Mr & Mrs. Carter," Benjamin said on Twitter.

In her Vogue cover story, Beyonce revealed the tour's most prominent experience which took place in Europe earlier this season.

"One of the most memorable moments for me on the On the Run II tour was the Berlin show at Olympiastadion, the site of the 1936 Olympics," she said. "This is a site that was used to promote the rhetoric of hate, racism, and divisiveness, and it is the place where Jesse Owens won four gold medals, destroying the myth of white supremacy. Less than 90 years later, two black people performed there to a packed, sold-out stadium. When Jay and I sang our final song, we saw everyone smiling, holding hands, kissing, and full of love. To see such human growth and connection—I live for those moments."

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