Brock Turner, former Stanford University swimmer-turned-rapist, lost his appeal to have his sexual assault conviction overturned on Wednesday (Aug. 8).

According to ABC, Turner's lawyer Eric Multhaup said that the evidence against his client was more circumstantial than anything. He also attempted to justify his client's assault as "outercourse," because he had his clothes on when the incident occurred.

"[Multhaup] said the trial court failed to instruct the jury on lesser included offenses that could have resulted in a different outcome," writes ABC.

Turner was convicted for the 2015 assault on "Emily Doe," an intoxicated young woman whom he reportedly took advantage of behind a dumpster after she left a Frat party on the Stanford campus. Despite having to register as a sex offender, many believed that Turner's sentence was far too lenient; he was given six months behind bars and three years probation.

Turner's father penned a letter to the judge about why his son should not go to jail, citing that “ totally committed to educating other college students about the dangers of alcohol consumption and sexual promiscuity,” and that his son “has always been a person that people like to be around whether they are male or female."

Don't do the crime. Period.

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