You can't put Bryce Vine in a box. The NY-born, California raised artist draws inspiration from different sounds and perspectives. With love for acts like Third Eye Blind and Fela Kuti, Vine's brand of the music attracts eclectic ears who adore his recent single, "Drew Barrymore."

It's also what earned him a spot on Pepsi's Sound Drop series which has highlighted the careers of Khalid, Alessia Cara and Jidenna before their glow-ups. On Monday (Aug. 20) Vine made his MTV VMA debut by performing on top of the Radio City Music Hall marquee with a breezy performance of his hit single. According to Billboard, the song has peaked at No. 21 on the Pop Songs airplay chart and even earned a remix from Wale.

Speaking to VIBE on the red carpet, Vine opened up about attending the show and being selected as a Sound Drop artist. "Pepsi is amazing [with] how they've stayed in pop culture and lifting up new artists," he said. "When I saw Khalid's that's when I became a fan when I saw MAX's I became a fan and now I'm going on tour with him in October so it's just awesome."

As a lover of pop, R&B, hip-hop and everything in between, the artist has big dreams of working with the best in music. "My dream collaborations are out there," he said with a smile. "Fela Kuti is one of my favorite artists. I'd say Gorillaz because of their musicality, Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi and obviously Kanye [West]."

During his Sound Drop episode, Vine opened up about the mission behind "Drew Barrymore."

"I wanted to write a love song that had didn't focus on looks at all," he said. "My imagination of what it would be like to spend your life within a room with someone you're supposed to be with. Seeing people reimaging my songs is super inspiring."

It's been quite a time for Vine, who wants to keep his relationship with his fans as open and full of love as possible.

"I really do appreciate my fans," he said. "I've had the same best friend since I was 14-years-old. Once I make a friend, I don't lose them so I just like to make people feel like there's somewhere to go."

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