Cardi B is flexing her sketch comedy muscle in multiple clips from Wild 'N Out star Rip Michael's show "Off The Rip." On the 55th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s iconic "I Have A Dream" speech (Aug. 28), the "I Like It" rapper appeared in a clip portraying King's wife Coretta Scott in a sketch titled "The Real Housewives Of The Civil Rights Movement."

In a clip from the sketch, Jacqueline Lavina Brown (the wife of Jesse Jackson) invites the "housewives" over to plan a rally. The women involved are Coretta Scott King, Betty Shabazz (wife of Malcolm X), Rosa Parks, a "secret KKK spy," and Margaret, hailed as "the Iggy Azalea of the Civil Rights Movement."

"These man cannot progress without us," Brown says to the group of women, who are conversing on the couch about the event.

"I think I should be the leader of this group," Cardi-as-Coretta says. "You know, my husband has marched in every state and marched so we could use the same toilet as everybody."

"Your husband is a h*e," Shabazz says, insinuating that every woman has had "a piece" of Dr. King (including Margaret, because of "equal rights").

"All these hussies wanna sleep with my husband, but it's alright, because I know he marches home to me," smiles Car-etta. There are also references to King's infamous trip to Memphis, where he was assassinated.

We're not sure what to think of this sketch in general, but you can judge for yourselves by watching below.

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