Cautious Clay's style of R&B is not only meant to make you feel but think. Throughout his new single "Crowned," the singer-songwriter presents a mirror image of how vanity can strike nearly anyone, from the rich and famous to those lingering for clout.

Unveiled with the re-release of his Resonance EP Tuesday (Aug. 22), the Cleveland native keeps up the themes of identity and ego on "Crowned," a gentle but transitional tune that speaks to what wealth means in the digital (and clout chasing) age. Resonance was originally released in May with the lead single, "French Riviera."

"While you're eating Kraft singles, I'm switching phones," he sings, throughout the mix of guitar and light drums. "Crowned" is ear candy for any listener but also serves as vitamins to the consciousness.

"I write with a stream of consciousness a lot of the time and I'll understand it after the fact," he explained to VIBE Monday (Aug. 21). "I write with a lot of different things in mind, but there's a particular thing I've always been buckling with and that's ego, [the things] that inspire that and taking myself out of my own head. The main idea of it all is just coming down to understanding that 'You're crowned with the likes of us.' Everyone has these daemons they working through, especially ego, fashion and understanding everyone's perspectives on these kinds of things."

Dean Luis

Clay won over critics earlier this year with the release of his Blood Type EP, written with love woes and ego battles in mind. The stand-out track "Cold War" provided a story of love torn to bits paired with a breezy sax and synth mix. "Cold War" not only attracted lovers of soul, but Issa Rae as the track was used in the season three premiere of Insecure. 

Listen to "Crowned" below and the rest of the Resonance EP here.

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