Chance the Rapper is genuinely enjoying the positive feedback he has been receiving for the music he put out last month.

After retracting statements regarding his Coloring Book follow-up, Chance gifted fans with four new, Chance 4, tracks he had been working on in the meantime: “Work Out”, “Wala Cam” featuring fellow Chicagoan Supa Bwe, “I Might Need Security”, and “65th and Ingleside.”

"I Might Need Security," one of his more politically-charged tracks,  features Chance confidently spitting bars that address racist media outlets, micro-aggressions, and his recent business relations over a pitched Jamie Foxx sample.

Surprising no one but Chano himself, the track debuted at #60 on this week's Billboard Hot 100, with other songs from the EP just coming up short.

Revved up from the love, Chance took to Instagram to post his gratitude and announce that if he wasn't already in album mode, he most definitely is now.

"WOAH WOAH WOAH. This aint supposed to be on @billboard This is ridiculous. I understand how badly u guys want new music now, headed to the lab 🏃🏾‍♂️💨"

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MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Daniel Boczarski/Redferns