Two years ago, it was announced that Chance the Rapper would make his silver screen debut in a "murder mystery" film. Now, the trailer for what he's been up to has finally arrived.

Slice, which also stars Zazie Beetz, Joe Keery, and Hannibal Buress, sets the actors in a town that's rattled by a werewolf and the death of a pizza delivery man. According to Complex, Slice was rumored to be packaged into a short film, but now it has reached an extended production with a release date still unannounced. The mystery thriller, directed by Chance's longtime music video director Austin Vesely, will set a few of the characters on a chase to ID the murderer. In an interview with Red Eye, Vesely said Chance's character "is actually a werewolf who is a former Chinese food delivery driver. Basically, these murders start happening and they hearken back to an incident that happened with him years before, and they arouse the town’s suspicions."

The news follows the release of four new songs from Chance, leading fans to believe that he'll drop music soon. In an interview with the Tribune, the father-of-one dished on why he doesn't put a price tag on his music.

"Music has value," he said. "I put my music out there for free because I wanted people to see and notice it as a beacon for what I'm doing, in terms of how unorthodox I wanted my approach and my delivery of each piece of music to be."

Watch the Slice trailer above.

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