Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott merited an eye roll from many after his comments regarding NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem. Prescott, who said he wouldn't kneel, but thinks "we can find a different place to make our country better," also earned him a Donkey of The Day from Charlamagne Tha God.

Yet the loudest response to Prescott's comments came when artist Trey Wilder depicted the 25-year-old as Daniel Kaluuya in the famous scene from Jordan Peele's Get Out.

Since then, the mural showing Prescott in his football jersey with tears rolling down his cheeks and his eyes bulging has been defaced.

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Wilder said Prescott's comments inspired the mural but the NFL's reaction to players peacefully protesting was the real reason behind the image.

"Honestly, I just think it's the whole idea of everything going on: the NFL, police protests," he said. "This is something that is seriously going on everywhere."

Prior to the marring of the mural, Wilder said the response was generally positive. "There's been no hate, really. It's all love right now," he said. "I usually get a lot of feedback, so hopefully that hate comes soon."

Well obviously, that hate arrived.

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