Through an electro-pop funk-infused beat, producer and DJ extraordinaire DJ Cassidy is vouching for a long romp session laced with alcohol and fun on his new song “Blame It On The Freak.”

Cassidy also enlists famed guitar veteran Nile Rodgers and Royal Love. Cassidy decodes the track as a manifesto to explore one’s inner desires with a new sense of liberty that often gets lost.

"'Blame It On The Freak' represents the power of music to get us all out of ourselves. It’s about the inner freak in all of us and music’s undeniable force over the human mind and body,” he said. “We are in divisive times right now. It’s never been more important to remember the freedom and unity that music exudes.”

Courtesy of DJ Cassidy

DJ Cassidy’s versatility as an artist and producer is undeniable. He definitely has the ability to please a large multitude of different crowds. Back in 2012, he rocked the party at the Democratic National Campaign in North Carolina and helped bring forth a new side to Lil Yachty in the glitzy single "Honor" in 2017.  This is a testament to his talent, and how it translates into different areas.

“I start by creating a master pool of music, feel-good, high-energy, emotionally inspiring songs,” he told The New York Times about his process for the music at the event. “I then refine the list with convention producers and create customized portions of the music to intro and outro each speaker. Between speakers, I am simply there to do what I do: rock the crowd. I am the one-man house band, so to speak.”

Listen to "Blame It On The Freak" below.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Courtesy of DJ Cassidy