There's nothing more rewarding for a parent than seeing your child succeed. Frank Ocean's mother Latonya Breaux now has one of the hallmarks of her son's success in plaque form.

On social media, a video of Ms. Breaux being rewarded with a platinum plaque for Ocean's sophomore album Blonde was posted. Knowing Ocean is an exceedingly private person, he hasn't acknowledged his achievement yet, however, his mother was pleased with the surprise.

"A special treat from a very special team!!" she wrote on Instagram early Friday morning (Aug. 17) before tagging members of Ocean's team. In the photos, Breaux is wearing a striped, powder blue and white dress while being presented with and holding her son's plaque for his 2016 effort.

Ocean's album quietly went platinum in July of this year, according to his producer Vegyn on Twitter. This is Ocean's first platinum honor, as his debut album Channel Orange only reached gold RIAA status. While Ocean is usually quiet on social media, we're hoping that new music will be on the horizon.

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