On July 23rd, VIBE's Editor-In-Chief, Datwon Thomas, had the pleasure of moderating a Q&A session with the cast and crew of the '80s Los Angeles crack era hit TV drama #SnowfallFX. After touring a few key cities on the press run before the new season began, the good folks that produce and act in the show screened the first episode of the second season at the New York stop on the tour.

The FX Network has a fan favorite show on their hands, created by iconic filmmaker John Singleton and writers/producers Eric Amadio and Dave Andron. Snowfall's second season picks up the harrowing story of various individuals dealing with the infancy of crack infiltrating L.A.'s urban landscape. The repercussions are plenty from the drug dealers to the government reps that are tied into the trafficking and distribution of the killer substance. The main star, Damson Idris who plays “Franklin Saint,” is on the path to becoming a major player in the drug game. He's now graduated from selling weed to handling the problems of his growing operation in the crack biz. It's now 1984 and Teddy McDonald (played by Carter Hudson) is deep in the trenches of double agent life as a CIA operative. Cutting between their lives, and the lives of others along this drama only gets more twisted and violent as the story progresses.

These amazing actors and many more gave their insight after the hour-long screening, about the script, storyline, inspiration and personal connections to the world that once engulfed not only L.A., but the nation at large.


Those in attendance were @johnsingleton @daveandron @damsonidris @isaiahkjohn @luvangelalewis #MichaelHyatt  @aminjoseph #CarterHudson @filipevcosta @imalcolmmays and the legendary author/Snowfall consultant #WalterMosley. Thomas lead the cast and producers in conversation where they broke down the intent of the storylines, gave informative themes and even engaged with the packed theater crowd by taking questions from them for the stars.

The event was a bright spot in giving this period piece more context and light on the times that we are still effected by today. Give Snowfall a look on Thursdays at 10pm EST on FX Network.

Big shout out to the set up team @one35agency for putting the event together.

Photo Credit: @theparkerazzi