After years of low whispers and closed-door conversations, Idris Elba has finally entertained rumors that speculate he will be the next 007. While the Luther star did not confirm his role as James Bond, odds seem more than likely given Bond producer Barbara Broccoli's recent comment, which confirmed the movement that "it is time" to bring diversity to the iconic franchise.

Since the inception of the James Bond franchise, white men have been routinely cast to play the stoic intelligence officer and according to far-right media personality Katie Hopkins, it should remain that way. Amid the rampant rumors that Elba will play the next Bond, Hopkins took it upon herself to add her unwarranted two cents to the conversation.

"No, Idris Elba. You cannot be James Bond. You will not be 007 no matter how many tweets you put out," she boldly stated in a recent video upload. "It's not because you're a gentleman of color, it's because Bond isn't. Must we perpetually crowbar gender and color where it doesn't fit?"

Catching wind of the ignorant comments, Ice-T fired off a quick tweet revealing his feelings toward Hopkins. "This b***h sounds stupid..." he wrote on the social media platform.

Garnering almost 70k retweets and 15.6k likes, the tweet made it's way around the internet before Hopkins came across the tweet herself. "Ice-T eat my a**," she replied, setting the OG rapper off.

Coming for Hopkins appearance, age, lack of credibility and intelligence, the multi-talented star had time today.