On Wednesday, Aug. 15, Teyana Taylor revealed that she was dropping out of the Later Than Night tour citing issues with her tour mate Jeremih. She claims that the "Planes" singer was an overall intolerable person to be around, and he and his team were even shadier behind the scenes.

Jeremih responded to the reports with a post of his own. In a video posted on his Instagram, comedian Lil Duval is seen dancing, smoking and singing to his own song "Smile B**ch;" Jeremih features the caption "#KTSE" in his post. The lyrics to the song are "I'm living my best life, ain't goin back and forth with you ni**a."

In tweets and on her Instagram Live, the G.O.O.D. Music songstress revealed that Jeremih exhibited "diva" like behavior, and she was leaving the tour so that she wouldn't "[knock] this ni**a out."

"Lazy, sneaky, jealous, conniving, selish, lame ass ni**a!" she wrote. "Don’t ever try to play me Petunia!" she also claims that fans were only coming to the tour to see her perform.

"They come to see me then 80% of the room leave after MY SET! work my a** off every city, every night! You’ve done nothing this whole tour but act like a DIVA in ya princess chair."

The saga continues.