LaTavia Roberson expressed some frustrations on Twitter this Monday (Aug. 6). With Beyoncé's Vogue cover making its way around the web, Roberson is sick and tired of the false narrative being painted around her.

"How come I’m always attacked if I like or comment on a post featuring Beyonce, Kelly, Toya or Michelle," the ex-member asked her followers. "I’m looking at social just like the rest of the [world]. If I like I’m going to double tap or comment whichever one is best! Stop painting this picture of me as the bitter one!!!"

This is the second time this year LaTavia has addressed the popular misconception that surrounds her peace. Back in May, Roberson took to Instagram to express how proud she is of everyone that once made Destiny's Child.

"Ppl call me the bitter one but how can I be bitter when I’m so proud of everyone in this picture," she wrote. "We created a legacy that can’t be touched. ALL 4 of us. We have a bond that no one can understand. I can’t compare my chapter 36 to Kelly’s chapter 36 or Beyoncé or LeToya’s so why does the world compare us?"

Given social media's ever-changing algorithms and feed updates, it's hard to place the blame on Roberson for possibly missing a like or two. She's not playing favorites or feeling bitter, she's just living life and the 'Net won't let her.

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