Sometimes you just want that special somebody nearby, and when they’re not within arm’s reach, things can get a little frustrating. Singer-scribe Madison McFerrin recalled the moment when her longtime boyfriend wasn’t home and it drove her crazy. So instead of just being home alone and going nuts, McFerrin wrote a song appropriately titled it "Insane."

“The song stemmed from me being trapped home alone in a snowstorm, so daydreaming about my man was an easy outlet," she said to Pitchfork.

The a cappella performance is featured on her EP Finding Foundation: Vol II and McFerrin throughout the project proves the voice is just as powerful a musical instrument as a guitar, drums or bass.

"This song is always one of my favorites to build the loop live, it goes a lot of different places before it settles into the groove.  The audience seems to always be really into it, which is fun for me to experience." McFerrin said.

Taking inspiration from artists Georgia O'Keeffe and Michele Bisaillon, McFerrin, daughter of Grammy-Award winning artist Bobby McFerrin, is seen laying on a bed of flowers as she sensually flirts with the camera. While the song is about sex, Madison says she didn't want the video to be too obvious.

"Even though "Insane" is a song about sex, I didn’t want the video to be overly sexualized.  I’m interested in engaging with youth and wanted to give the complete opposite message that porn gives about sex, which is pretty much exclusively from a male gaze and often downright violent towards women.  

Sex is beautiful, it’s sensual, and as a woman, it’s a totally normal thing to want and fantasize about, and it can all be done really tastefully.”

Peep Madison McFerrin's video for "Insane"

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