Who doesn't love Missy Elliott's "Work It"? That's right, we can't think of anyone who doesn't love that song, either.

A Rhode Island woman by the name of Mary Halsey is clearly a huge fan of Misdemeanor's Under Construction hit. The woman's impressive rendition of the track was performed at an event in Goddard Park, and has gotta the attention of the Virginia MC herself.

"I just found out I have a FUNKY WHITE SISTER," wrote Missy on her social media pages, sharing the video of Ms. Mary absolutely dominating the track. "Forreal doe...but she straight killed “Work It” sound effects & all I love it."

You read that properly- Halsey not only puts her thang down, flips it and reverses it, but the sound effects and the cadence Missy portrays in the song are absolutely on point; even the elephant sound in the chorus is executed wonderfully.

Since sharing her video to Facebook, Halsey's spirited rap rendition has been viewed over 4.2 million times, and it continues to grow. While some social media sites only allow an amended version of the clip to be shared, you should definitely watch Mary's entire four minute video below.

What's going on with Missy? The rapper is headlining the American Express Yellow Ball in a few weeks.

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