Nayya Martinique was excited to begin the next chapter of her life enrolling into Spelman College. However, during orientation, she learned she needed to pay a move-in fee. Like many young people hoping to gain a college education, Martinique took out all the student loans she could.

Martinique's mother, Tjai Downs, stepped in and tried to apply for a loan herself. However, it was then she learned of a decade old loan that prevented her from financially assisting her daughter.

“This is a small thing that happened so many years ago but has reared its ugly head and I think a tweak in my own organization skills would have helped prevent this situation,” Downs said.

Down's took out the loan in 2008 for her own graduate college degree at the University of Louisville and didn't know of the balance because letters of payment were reportedly sent to an old address. The entire ordeal has left Martinique upset but still hoping for the best.

“I am upset but I am trying to remain positive,” said Martinique.

Both are now hoping to raise the money in time to allow Martinique to enroll in classes. The mother-daughter duo set up a Go Fund Me account. The goal was to raise $4,000, but at the time of this post they've received $7,000 in donations.

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