Hustlers have to love NBA Youngboy's resolve. The Baton Rouge rapper has several setbacks, but he continues to push forward. This week, Youngboy released the brand new music visuals for his gripping record, "Drawing Symbols."

Here, the "Diamond Teeth Samurai" rapper spills his emotions about everything from shootouts with enemies, becoming a father at only thirteen years old, and self-inflicted pain.

In the video directed by Lucid Films, Youngboy spends time with his son. Other scenes show the rapper sitting with his back against the wall, looking despondent as raps.

Earlier this year, the 20-year-old MC released his Until Death Calls My Name project, which was followed by Master the Day of Judgement, a 9-song effort that features Philly’s Lil Uzi Vert (“What You Know”). Most of the tracks on Master the Day of Judgement carry themes of relationships with women.

On March 19, the rapper was arrested for the aggravated assault and kidnapping of his girlfriend Jania. While out on bail, a judge added conditions to his bail such as banning him from using social media and requiring that he cannot leave Louisiana, reports Baton Rouge Advocate. Obviously, both of the former conditions are instrumental in promoting music.

Watch the video above.

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