Since the release of Nicki Minaj's fourth studio album, Queen, there has been much chatter surrounding her status in the rap game. Much attention has gone to how reactionary she’s been to criticism; many have questioned the artistry on her latest project. Now, Onika is in hot water for comparing her recent struggle with Spotify's support of Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD with Harriet Tubman's role in slavery abolitionism.

The conversation, as per usual, started on Twitter when the “Chun Li” rapper tweeted: “All the QUEENS I remember, SHOOK SH*T UP !!!!!!!! Queen of the week may go to HARRIET TUBMAN!!!!!! Had she just sat there & ate her rice, you n***az history would’ve been a lot less triumphant,” she tweeted.

After the comment, The Huffington Post got wind of it and criticized Nicki for it. She later logged onto her Instagram account, and dubbed the digital publication, "C**k Sucka of the Year."

Still, amid her clapback, Nicki believes her album is indeed No. 1, despite what the charts say about her album placement. She recently got on Twitter and explained why Travis got the No.1 spot.

Whether or not Queen reigns on top, the masses' response to her comparison to Harriet Tubman's struggle is quite comical. Check out their reactions below:

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