Tyga unfortunately found himself caught in the crossfire between Nicki Minaj and her ex-boyfriend Safaree after they began fighting on Twitter on Tuesday (Aug. 14). During their Twitter feud, Nicki mentioned that both Safaree and Tyga received a hairline transplant from a doctor in Hollywood. Despite the public humiliation, Tyga dodged taking an L by responding to the rumors in the most hilarious way possible.

Shortly after the battle of the exes died down, Tyga shared a screenshot of Dr. Craig L. Zeiring, the expert hair transplant surgeon and artist he and Safaree used. "The [plug]. Tellem Tyga sent u," he captioned the now-viral photo.

As previously reported, Tyga was caught in the middle of Minaj and Safaree's Twitter war, which stemmed from various allegations the "Barbie Dreams" artist spewed during her interview with Funk Flex on Hot97. During the show, she cleared up the rumors regarding Safaree writing her bars during the early stages of her career. She also suggested her ex paid for prostitutes.

Following the interview, she took to Twitter, where she revealed she paid $10,000 for Safaree to get a hair transplant and that he begged her to pay his electric bill after their breakup.

In other news, Tyga is serously on a winning streak at the moment. Not only did he stay clear of the drama, but his newest single, "Taste" is still riding strong on the Billboard Hot 100 and is already certified-platinum. So, the real award goes to Tyga.

Check out his witty post here.

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