Before Joden Rocco fatally stabbed 24-year-old Dulane Cameron Jr in the neck, Rocco uploaded a video to Instagram. In the 16-second clip, 24-year-old Rocco said he was going to play a game and see how many times he could say the N-Word inside a Pittsburgh bar before being thrown out.

Shortly before 2 AM Sunday (Aug. 19) a shirtless Rocco was denied entry to the Tequila Cowboy. Surveillance footage shows him walking along North Shore Drive in the direction of PNC Bank where he ran into Cameron Jr and his friend who is also black.

According to reports, Rocco began bouncing on the balls of his feet and behaved " very aggressively" towards the two. Without provocation, he then attacked two men and stabbed 24-year-old Cameron in the neck, killing him. Footage later shows Rocco coming back into view and placing something in his pocket, which investigators later learned was the pocket knife used against Cameron Jr.

Rocco then flagged down a police car and asked for a ride home, but was apprehended instead when witnesses identified him as Cameron's killer. Rocco's being held inside Allegheny County where he's been charged with criminal homicide and possessing an instrument of crime. An online petition has been launched urging that Rocco is charged with a hate crime.

Cameron Jr's father, Dulane Cameron Sr said he's already made peace with his son's killer.

‘As Jesus, humble on the cross, said, “Father forgive them; they know not what they do.” And I’m feeling the same way,’ he said.

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