Kitti Jones, the former girlfriend of R. Kelly, was featured in Spin along with other women who have come forward accusing musicians of sexual assault and misconduct to discuss how they're coping with fan harassment in the #MeToo era.

Jones, whose book I Was Someone Before This is slated to be getting a Lifetime movie adaptation, discussed that she wishes she would have come forward with her experiences with Kelly sooner than she did.

“The other girls that have been abused, victims of his in the last couple of years, if I had spoken up a little sooner maybe that would never have happened to them,” she said. “I think I was maybe a little bit more mature than some of the other girls, I had an established career and connections and people I could have reached out to when I got back. But I just wasn’t strong enough. He had broke me all the way down.”

The feature reads that Jones dated Kelly for two years before she decided enough was enough. She was abused behind-the-scenes, and stated that she "wanted to go into hiding" when all was said and done. Despite the abuse she faced and the regrets she has about telling her story, Jones says that she's thankful for the people who listened to her when she was in need of someone who didn't think she was lying.

“Have that one person that you trust, that you can tell some of these things to,” Jones notes. “Because if something God forbid happens to you when you’re taking those beatings or getting starved—whatever may happen to you when you’re having that experience with him—someone else knows what’s happening. That’s pretty much what saved me.”

Read the entire feature here.

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