Just when we thought we couldn't get enough of Rihanna, there are more treats in store. After impressing fans with her non-stop flow of quality music over the course of 10 years, as well as her Puma, Fenty Beauty and Savage empires, they will finally get a glimpse into the "how" of it all. As is only right for the music behemoth and businesswoman, a documentary on her life is reportedly going to release in the fall of 2018, directed by Peter Berg.

In a new interview with SlashFilm in support of his new film Mile 22, starring Mark Wahlberg, Burg talked about the forthcoming doc on Bad Gal Riri, which he's excited about.

"I think she’s an extraordinary young woman and it really is kind of a pretty comprehensive profile of what goes in to making her this talent that she is," he said. "The work ethic, the talent, luck, the hustle, the vision. She’s a really, really interesting woman and the movie will be out in about a month and half, two months we’ll be able to start showing it." Berg first announced the doc two years ago, noting that it would be more of a "character study" than a film.

That means we can look forward to some sort of double-disc album (one of which will be a dancehall album), probable new additions to her burgeoning Fenty Beauty catalogue and more details about her Cuba-set film project with Donald Glover by the time the temperature drops. Happy early Christmas.

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