A former Texas police officer was found guilty Tuesday in the shooting death of Dallas teen Jordan Edwards. Wednesday night (Aug. 30) a jury sentenced Roy Oliver to 15 years in prison, one year behind bars for each year of Jordan's life.

Charmaine Edwards, Jordan's mother, wasn't pleased with the length of the sentence. "He actually can see life again after 15 years, and that’s not enough because Jordan can’t see life again.”

Jordan's mother was quoted as saying she would've preferred her son's killer receive a 20 to 30-year sentence. Prosecutors wanted Oliver to serve 60 years, while CNN reports the defense argued 20 years or less in prison.

In April 2017, Oliver who worked with the Balch Springs, Texas police department responded to a complaint about a house party in the suburb. The ex-cop and his partner saw Jordan, his brother, and their friends as they were leaving. Things quickly escalated and initially, Oliver said the group was “backing down the street toward officers in an aggressive manner,” which was why he shot into the car of young men, hitting Jordan in the head.

After the shooting, Polie Chief Jonathan Haber corroborated Oliver's story insisting he was inclined to protect his partner, but days later recanted his original statement.

Attorney Faith Johnson with the Dallas County District called Oliver "a “killer in blue,” and lambasted the former officer for dishonoring his oath to protect and serve. Oliver may have been found guilty of murder but was acquitted of the two lesser charges of aggravated assault and manslaughter. His legal team plans to appeal the verdict.

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