Serena Williams is well on her way to tennis domination once again, but off the court and outside of the gym, the A-class athlete had to grapple with the shocking news that affects her family. Earlier this month, the man who killed her sister, Yetunde Price, in a 2003 drive-by shooting was released from prison for "good behavior," the Daily Mail reports (he was recently re-arrested for violating his parole PEOPLE notes).

When Williams learned this news, she said to TIME that she couldn't get the headlines out of her head and added that she thinks about her sister's three children daily "and what they meant to me. And how much I love them."

The 23-time Grand Slam winner said that she has a tough time reaching the point of forgiveness, but she believes she will one day. "No matter what, my sister is not coming back for good behavior. It's unfair that she'll never have an opportunity to hug me," she said. "But also...The Bible talks about forgiveness. I'm not there yet. I would like to practice what I preach, and teach Olympia that as well. I want to forgive. I have to get there. I'll be there."

Prior to discussing memories of her sister, Williams also discussed former NFL player Colin Kaepernick's fight for racial and social equality and that he's content with the work he's doing so far. While she expressed her uncertainty that the NFL would reinstate the former San Francisco 49er quarterback - since he's currently in a legal contention with the league - Williams said if he were to take the field again he might win the Super Bowl.

"He'd have so much to prove. I would. I can't imagine he would be any different," she said. "'Man, I'm about to show out. Y'all gonna see stuff you've never seen before.'"

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