It appears Internet personality Shiggy has gone viral yet again, but not for the right reasons. On Thursday, (Aug. 9) Shiggy took to social media to publicly apologize to his longtime girlfriend for his philandering ways, and insist he wants to be a better man.

“I want to be a role model and I need to realize that certain things I do are wrong,” he captioned in a video.”

Shiggy already amassed a large social following, which then catapulted after creating the viral dance to Drake’s “In My Feelings.” Celebrities including La La, Sterling K. Brown from This Is Us and Will Smith all participated in the dance craze, which helped intensify the song’s sticky staying power.

Normally one to provide the Internet with LOLs, Shiggy’s apology was no laughing matter.

“I apologize to my girl for constantly having her look stupid with my cheating, me constantly hitting up females. I know it’s something that she’s fought with me in our relationship, constantly being unfaithful and it’s something that needs to stop with me.”

Shiggy began to trend on Twitter and the comments (expectedly) were heartless.

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Just a regular day on the Internet.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images