Stefflon Don is back with a new body of tracks to keep you moving throughout the summer. The British rapper unleashed Secure on Thursday evening (Aug. 16), a 16-track project featuring Tiggs Da Author, Fekky, and Haile.

To pay homage to her Jamaican roots, the 26-year-old artist also remixed her hit single "Hurtin' Me" featuring the country's forerunners Sean Paul, Popcaan and the legendary Sizzla. In an interview with iHeart Radio around the same time of the song's popularity, Don shared that she pulls from the melodies of the African Diaspora to create her music.

"I rap and I sing, so then you've got a bit of hip-hop in there," she said. "I'm Jamaican, so you got a bit of dancehall. And I'm from London, so there's a bit of London things in there...And at sometimes, it's a little bit Afrobeat. So it's all mixed into hip-hop, and then dancehall, and then a bit of Afrobeat sometimes. And then, sometimes, it's just straight rap."

On her upward trajectory in the music industry, Don also told Billboard that she's prepared for the success and its demands. "I just knew that I wanted world domination," she said. "I knew that with anything I do, I want to be the greatest. That entails being great everywhere. Not just in America -- everywhere."

Listen to Stefflon Don's Secure project below.

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