According to Tyrese, he spends more money than he actually makes. Due to this issue, the actor and musician says that he is unable to pay his ex-wife's lawyer fees.

According to TMZ, the Fast & The Furious thespian responded to a request for payment sent by his ex-wife Norma Gibson, asking that he pays for her divorce attorney. Documents Tyrese sent to Gibson list some of his spending habits, which render him unable to help pay for her attorney.

"According to the docs, Tyrese says he's dropping about nearly $114k each month for his mortgage, child care, groceries, utilities and $10k in child support payments to Norma," TMZ writes. The big issue, however, is that Tyrese says he only makes $51,000 on average per month, and that his savings account figure has seriously depleted in the last few months.

"He's also blaming Norma for his lack of income these days -- saying the negative coverage he got last year when she accused him of domestic violence ... has made it hard for him to book movie work," the site continues.

Tyrese has been quieter about his financial issues in recent months. He's expecting a child with his wife Samantha, and baby Gibson is expected to arrive next month.

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