Unite The Right rally will take place in Washington, D.C. on Aug. 12 and to prepare, D.C. Metro is considering providing white nationalists separate train cars to avoid violent clashes with counter protesters.

According to the Washington Post, Board Chairman Jack Evans didn't confirm if any decisions were made, but stated the purpose of the preliminary conversations is to take precaution.

“We haven’t made any decisions about anything,” Evans said. "We’re just trying to come up with potential solutions on how to keep everybody safe.”

The rally is being organized by the same group that led last year's protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, which led to the beating of DeAndre Harris and death of counter demonstrator, Heather Hayer. The permit states the upcoming event is for "white civil rights” and they're "protesting civil rights abuse in Charlottesville.”

Evans admitted the logistical difficulties that may take place trying to ward off any violence. Possible solutions include having Unite The Right protesters gather at East Falls Church Metro station and from there take designated train cars to Foggy Bottom and receive a police escort to the rally.

“We’re not trying to give anyone special treatment,” Evans said. “We’re just trying to avoid scuffles and things of that nature.”

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