To promote the sale of JUST water at Boots and Whole Foods stores in the United Kingdom, Will Smith decided to put his acting chops on display and impersonated a salesperson at one of London's Boots retail shops. The unsuspecting customers that the famed actor approached with a bottle in hand were stunned and even took time to get over the notion that a look-a-like was not filling Smith's shoes.

"It's one of my favorite jobs, ever!" Smith boasts toward the end of the moment. He also noticed that five bottles of JUST Water were purchased, so not too bad for his first day on the job.

In an interview with The Cut, Smith shared that part of his son Jaden Smith's water venture was to help move the world toward a sustainable and clean way of living. "Primarily we want to do something that is good for the world, that starts to move in a direction," he said, "even if it's just consciousness - even if it's just people start paying attention."

In May 2018, the Smiths sent cases of JUST water to Flint, Michigan, a sentiment that Jaden hopes will help get the city's residents' water back to normal. "...we will be sending water to the schools of Flint until the lead levels subside," he added.

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