YG has been flying high since his album Stay Dangerous dropped earlier this month. Unfortunately, he never made it off the runway of his real flight with American Airlines on Monday (Aug. 13). The rapper was reportedly kicked off of the flight due to being intoxicated, TMZ reports. But according to the rapper, the airlines was being racist.

YG was reportedly on his way from Los Angeles to New York when the incident occurred. Shortly after, he hopped on social media to set the record straight. The way he tells it, he was "sober than a muthaf***a."

"F**k @AmericanAir THEY RACIST," he said. "They kicked me off the plane. They said I’m drunk. I’m sober than a motherf**ker. Racist-ass motherf**kers."

American Airlines quickly responded to the backlash on Twitter on Aug. 14, urging the rapper to contact the company immediately. "In our culture, every interaction with a customer or team member should be grounded in respect. Please meet us in DMs with more info."

This wouldn't be the first time American Airlines faced backlash for the alleged mistreatment of its customers. In Apr. 2018, the airlines service was at the center of controversy after video surfaced of an employee dragging a passenger off of an overbooked flight.

Clearly, it's going to take a lot more than some extra frequent flyer miles to appease YG. Check out his video here.

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