T-Pain’s trip to Texas hit a short delay over a firearm issue in Georgia. The 32-year-old rapper was detained at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Friday (Aug. 31) after TSA agents found a gun in a bag carried by his bodyguard,  Carlos Aleili Flores, the Associated Press reports.

Both men were detained and questioned by airport police. The gun was apparently loaded, per TMZ.

Meanwhile, T-Pain posted a photo on Instagram explaining why he might be a “tad-bit late” to his show at the Back 9ine Fest in Lubbock, Texas. “Things at the Atlanta airport are getting........... eventful,” he wrote.

Authorities sent the Florida native on his way after he confirmed that the gun belonged to him, and provided proof of legal ownership. “[His] weapon was returned to him, and no charges were filed,” police said in a statement to Atlanta’s Channel 2 Action News.

According to AP, authorities are still investigating to determine if Flores should face charges for possession of a weapon at a Transportation Administration checkpoint.