Lifetime's new docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly premiered on Jan. 3. While many are discussing the serious allegations of abuse against the R&B singer, several people are talking about Kelly's older brother, Bruce Kelly, who appeared on the series premiere.

In the first episode, Bruce appeared to conduct his interviews about his brother from prison. According to his Chicago arrest records, Bruce Kelly has been locked up for a series of charges including burglary, probation violation, drug possession, and more.

As of 2019, Kelly's most recent charge stems from a burglary that occurred in 2016. He was admitted into the Vandalia Correctional Center in July 2017. He was reportedly sentenced to two to four years in prison and is expected to be discharged in Dec. 2019.

Previous charges date back to 2015, when he was arrested and charged for drug possession. He was also charged with theft and possession in Oct. 2016, and criminal trespassing and driving without a license in June 2017.

Bruce Kelly's rap sheet became the topic of discussion after his commentary that was seemingly in defense of his brother's sexual history with underage girls. He seemed to suggest his brother's alleged obsession with girls under the age of 18 years old was simply a preference rather than a problem.

Surviving R. Kelly continues tomorrow (Jan. 4), at 9/8C.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Lifetime / Surviving R. Kelly