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Anthony Mackie Recalls The Time Beyonce Serenaded Him With “Halo”

The Marvel star reportedly stated that the Queen Bey sung her hit song "Halo" for him several times.


Belly Gets Assaulted By Security At Coachella

Belly may have played the "best show of his life" at Coachella, but the rapper faced an unsavory run-in with festival security shortly following his…

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J. Cole Destroys Drake’s Streaming Record With ‘KOD’

And Cole has nearly doubled the album's streaming on Spotify. 


Prosecutors Won’t File Criminal Charges In Prince’s Death Case

The Minnesota prosecutor announced on Apr. 19, that state will end its two-year investigation into how Prince got the fentanyl that killed him.

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Might Chance The Rapper And Gwen Stefani Work Together?

Twitter- a place for collaborations.


How Did Kendrick Lamar Win A Pulitzer Prize? An Administrator Explains

A Pulitzer Prize Administrator explains.

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Why Hasn’t The Hip-Hop Boom Pushed More Black Executives To The Top?

As hip-hop/R&B dominate pop culture, while people of color are making the most popular music, that doesn't reflect the top executives getting the credit.

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Gwen Stefani Headed To Las Vegas For ‘Just A Girl’ Residency At Planet Hollywood

Gwen Stefani is the latest musician to score a Las Vegas residency.


Suit Dropped Over Kylie And Kendall Jenner’s Tupac T-Shirts

This comes days after Kendall was seeking to countersue.

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