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Run It Back: VIBE’s 96 Most Repeat-Worthy Songs Of 2014

"Fancy" was great the first time you heard it. There was that bubbly, DJ Mustard-like instrumental, Charli XCX's cocksure hook, and Iggy Azalea doing her…


Why Does Jay Z Have Googly Eyes? Digital Artist LinShuttr Explains His Exaggerated Visuals

How Wale, Kanye West and Miguel helped the digital artist earn his name On a bright fall Friday afternoon in New York City most 9-to-5ers…


‘Purple Haze’ Turns 10: Analyzing Cam’ron’s Lyrical Climax (Pause)

With his kooky flow and wordplay, Killa Cam reached his zenith on Purple Haze…


The BIG List: 46 Albums From 2014 That Are Actually Worth Your Money

So 2014 is a wrap. Yeah, there's still 29 precious days left in the year, but it's basically a done deal, kid. No time to…


J. Cole Told Us All About ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’ Track ‘Wet Dreamz’ Back In 2010

J. Cole's cutting room floor must be littered with would-be classics.


Blood On The Leaves: Using Music To Cope With Mike Brown’s Murder

With the grand jury's decision not to indict Darren Wilson for killing Mike Brown, Billie Holiday and Nina Simone's "Strange Fruit" resonates just as deeply…


Come Get Me: Why Nas’ ‘Nastradamus’ Album Is Better Than You Think

Nas' fourth solo LP Nastradamus gets a bad rap. Revisiting the 15-year-old work proves it's not quite the epic fail its made out to be…


10 Years Later: How Pharrell Revived Snoop Dogg’s Career With ‘R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece’

A decade after The Neptunes had us all mimicking the mouth clicks of "Drop It Like It's Hot," VIBE remembers the album that cemented the…


Premiere: Nikki Jean ‘Champagne Water’ EP

Allow us to (re)introduce Nikki Jean.


What Millennials Should Know About… Nas’ ‘It Was Written’

VIBE spotlights music's most essential timepieces for Gen Y. You gon' learn today NAS It Was Written (1996) Selling point (in one…


Is Ginuwine Bankrupt And Divorcing? The Singer Clears The Air

In the book of finances, Ginuwine is reportedly approaching the dreaded Chapter 11. According to the R&B singer’s lawyer, he’s "very close to declaring bankruptcy."


14 Lyrics That Prove Willow Smith Is Actually 41 Years Old

When Willow Smith stepped onto the stage at FADER FORT last month, she appeared to be nothing like the adorable nine-year-old girl who captivated America…


GIF Wrap: Eminem’s CXVPHER Lyrics Reviewed Via GIFs

Marshall Matthers is scary nice. But you knew this. Still, the quintessential master of ceremonies has to remind you every now and then. He won’t…


First Listen: Stream Janine And The Mixtape’s Re-Release Of ‘Dark Mind’ EP

It's been a long time coming for Janine and the Mixtape, but the New Zealand-born songstress is seizing her moment.


The Big Cosign: 5 Reasons You Should Listen To Jasmine V. Right Now

We’re entering a new, more frigid month and thus it’s time to anoint the next star who will heat things up. So for November’s BIG…

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