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Pepsi x Nicki Minaj Launch First Global Campaign

is preparing to launch their ad featuring brand ambassador Nicki Minaj next week, and it looks like it will be filled with loads of color and fun.


Metta World Party: LMFAO’s International Tour Diary In Photos

Whether in Atlanta or Amsterdam, shuffling electro-pop jockeys LMFAO deliver rambunctious stage shows with more shots that flu season. Elder half Redfoo unveils the duo's…


Pour Out A Little Liquor For…Cornrows

If you’re past recess age and still texting your hair-braider for that Allen Iverson special, it’s time to un-tighten those twists. With former cornrow card-carriers…


Giant Cannibal Tiger Shrimp Are Taking Over U.S. Waters

There's a new kind of sea creature causing scares in American waters.


Is Freddie Gibbs Planning on Dissing Rick Ross?

What does Freddie Gibbs have up his sleeve?


Retirement Rap: 5 Rappers Who’ve Threatened to Leave Hip-Hop

"This is my fourth mixtape really," Nicki Minaj said to UK radio host Tim Westwood of the lack of appreciation for her latest album. "The…


Bullied Dolphins Seek Refuge Near Huntington Beach

Humans aren't the only creatures capable of bullying one another. Apparently a tormented dolphin swam into Orange County's Bolsa Chica wetlands and has been…


New Music: Bow Wow ‘We In Da Club’

Bow Wow's got a "song for the real n*ggas," with his newest single "We In Da Club."


Nas’ ‘Daughters’ Song a “Disappointment” to Former Lover Carmen Bryan

While a majority of fans are enthusiastic about Nas’ new single, "Daughters," Carmen Bryan, mother of Nas’ daughter Destiny, is not too thrilled (via MTV).


Would You Rather…Be Good Looking and Hated or Ugly and Loved?

Life often makes us choose between things we’d rather not. Often times the choice lies in things we can control, but other times we aren’t…


Selena Gomez Debuts Wet and Sexy Look in Perfume Ad

How do you feel about Selena Gomez's wet and sexy look? Is it too racy for a Disney star?


Rick Santorum Snaps Photo of Lindsay Lohan at White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Nothing beats a random celebrity photo-op. Just ask former presidential candidate Rick Santorum, who took a picture of Lindsay Lohan while at the White House…


Cadillac to Release Self-Driving Cars By 2015

Are you ready for the next advancement in automobiles? In 3 years Cadillac wants to bring the first fully autonomous car to the public. The…


Nelly Furtado Previews Nas Collabo, “Something”

Nelly Furtado is joined by Nas on her newest single. She combines her sultry vocals with a few bars from the QB native on "Something,"


Kris Jenner Says Kim Kardashian Would Be ‘Amazing at Holding Office’

Is there anything the Kardashian Klan will not try to dominate? Nope. The White House Correspondent's Dinner held over the weekend more than hinted at…

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