Marjua Estevez

New York Born. Dominican bred. 5'2 giant.

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Digital Covers

French Montana Goes To Uganda And Learns The Most Important Rule Of The Jungle

Karim "French Montana" Kharbouch is hiding out in the subterranean level of the historic Weylin building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn when I arrive at its doorstep.

Movies & TV

‘Stranger Things’ Sets Season 2 Premiere Date, Drops Trailer

The second season of the hit series will launch Oct. 27 on Netflix.


Gang Riot Leaves 28 Dead In Mexico Prison

One of the worst outbreaks of violence in the country's troubled penal system.


“Despacito” Boosts Puerto Rico’s Economy?

"This is how we do it down in Puerto Rico…"

Music News

French Montana Signs With WME



Blac Chyna On Rob Kardashian Slander: “I’m Proud Of The Woman I Am Today”

The model and mother of two took to Facebook in response.

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