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Umami Burger Gets Spicy With Cholula Hot Sauce For Unique Collaboration

We're still drooling over the duo's new creation, the Chick-Me-Out Burger.

Music News

Rihanna Is Cooking Up A Reggae Album

Looks like fans might get a Fenty album after all.

Music News

Kash Doll Clears Up Rumored Beef With Cardi B: “Ya’ll Taking It All Wrong”

The rapper was forced to speak on her rumored rival after uploading a remix to Cardi's collab with YG.


Former Obama Staffer Accused Of Burglary While Moving Into His Own Apartment

“[It’s] like welcome to the neighborhood.”


Donald Trump Says There’s ‘No Reason To Apologize’ For Sh*thole Immigration Comments

Trump and Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari delivered a joint press conference.


R. Kelly Issues Statement Amid #MuteRKelly Revival

“We intend to shine a bright light on our WOC sisters in need.”


An Ohio Cop Accused Of Sending Nudes To A Woman Charged With DUI Resigns

“What kind of cop takes a number out of someone’s file, and then starts sending them disgusting naked pictures [of themselves]...”…


An Oklahoma School Student Who Created A Racist Meme Of Another Student Has Been Disciplined

“I’m so sick of this racism sh*t and disgusted that it’s 2018 and we still let our children call other children ‘n***ers’.”…

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