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Felton Pilate Of Con Funk Shun Says Silk Sonic’s ‘Love’s Train’ Cover Was “A Total Surprise”

Con Funk Shun plans to return the favor with a Silk Sonic cover of their own.

Mary J. Blige’s Inaugural Strength Of A Woman Festival Was A Layered Celebration Like No Other

Mary J. Blige spoke exclusively with VIBE about her greatest strengths and her new festival, which was 30…

Mary J. Blige’s Advice To Ella Mai Mirrors The Resilience Of “Love Without The Heartbreak”

Both the 'Good Morning Gorgeous' song and MJB's presence on Mai's new album reflect her wisdom as an R&B…

J.I. Not Only Wants The Throne, He Wants The Globe

The cocksure Brooklynite takes us on a journey from his 2019 hit, "Need Me," to his forthcoming project.

Ella Mai Is Back To Claim Her Crown As The Queen Of Cuffing Anthems

A student of love songs, the singer is bringing swooning back to R&B with 'Heart On My Sleeve.'

Fat Joe Knows The Price Is Always Right

The rap legend talks entering the metaverse, his memoir, and how the Bronx fostered his philanthropic spirit.

Kes Talks New Music, Cultural Unity, And Coping With “Carnival Tabanca”

"It's very important for us to unite as Caribbean people. We need to combine our forces and energies…

D’Mile Probably Produced Your New Favorite Love Song

With today's R&B lacking love, the man behind Silk Sonic and Lucky Daye is making a difference.

For Niecy Nash, It’s About Visibility In Hollywood

The actress talks about her role in ABC's 'The Rookie,' hosting 'Don't Forget the Lyrics,' and more.